Thursday, October 3, 2013

Can I use a "higher wattage" bulb in my Scentsy Warmer?

Can you use Higher wattage bulb in my Scentsy Warmer?

No!! Use the Recommended Size ONLY!!!

The answer to this question is the obvious NO! There are many reasons why you should never use the higher wattage bulbs, such as the 40, 60 or even 100 watts bulbs, SAFETY IS # 1 !!! There becomes a risk of fire when you use a higher wattage bulb in your Scentsy Warmer or any warming device! Secondly, with Scentsy Warmers, the use of lower wattage bulbs; 15, 20 and 25 watts actually has a great impact on why Scentsy Warmers are cost efficient and long lasting for your favorite Scentsy Bar Scent cubes. The Scentsy Plug-in Warmer uses a 15-watt bulb (similar to nightlights), the Scentsy Deluxe Warmer (mid-size) uses the 20-watt bulb and the Scentsy Premium Warmer uses the 25-watt bulb. Every Scentsy Warmer is develop specifically to exceed the national safety requirements of the products intended usage. Scentsy has developed their Warmers based on your safety as a number one concern!
Scentsy fragrance Bars are also formulated specifically for a smaller wattage light bulb because their wax that they use to make the Scent Bars are formulated to melt at a certain temperature. No other company does this! The lower wattage bulb with your favorite Scentsy Bar fragrance are designed to last a long time. The fragrances you find at the store are not designed with specific melting temperatures, therefore they only last half as long as a Scentsy Scent bar does under use of the lower wattage bulbs. The Scentsy System is a perfect working combination.
Scentsy Warmer System
You have a choice of more than 130 different warmers and sizes. All specifically packaged with their own compatable wattage bulb which melts slowly based on that warmers capacity. Scentsy Scent Bars are food grade wax and are formaldehyde-free. They are non-combustibles and are the Safest product of this kind on the market today!  With that, there is no comparison. So, for YOUR Safety's sake, for the sake of your Scentsy Warmer and to assure you get the longest affect from your favorite Scentsy Scent Bar...use only the recommended wattage bulb for your Warmer!

***Having problems with getting bulbs for your Scentsy Warmers? With any purchase of a Scentsy Warmer (Plug-in, Deluxe or Premium) the Consultant R.W.Carter will provide FREE BULBS FOR LIFE!***

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